Yoga Instructors


Carol Becker, RYT

Carol Becker is a 200hr RYT who received her certification from Well Heart Yoga in Falmouth, ME. She practices yoga regularly and is always seeking to learn and evolve as both a teacher and practitioner. Carol believes strongly in the benefits of a regular yoga practice for overall health and well-being. She believes that anyone can practice yoga and strives to make yoga available to anyone who wishes to learn.  Carol is passionate about yoga’s ability to help us manage stress and heal from physical and emotional trauma. She has used her own yoga practice to improve her own well-being, as well as navigating through life transitions.  Carol’s main goal when she is teaching yoga is for her students to feel safe, comfortable, empowered, confident, and at peace.  Carol is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner.

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Laura Tewksbury, RYT

Laura has been teaching Jazzercise classes for twenty-two years and completed her 200-hour yoga training in 2020.  She uses a blend of yoga, pilates, and dance-based movements and principles to help her yoga students enhance their flexibility, strength and balance. Her passion is to make exercise fun, safe and effective for people of all ages. 

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Marissa Allyn, RYT

Marissa found her way to the mat years ago in high school and with encouragement from a close friend and her first teacher, she continued with the practice. Eventually she fell in love with the calming effect it had on her physical body and chaotic “monkey mind”. Her classes reflect her own disposition creating a trusting and sunny space to welcome her students. Marissa’s style can be best described as challenging yet mindful. She reminds her students to think of her classes as a whole body moving meditation; a consciousness linking each physical pose with each inward breath. Her classes leave the practitioner feeling strong and balanced. Marissa holds both her 200 and 500 hour teacher training certifications with Fluid Yoga School, as well as certifications in SPA and HEALing yoga. Marissa is forever deepening her knowledge and holds an Ayurvedic Yoga certification with Shiva Shakti Yoga School. She enjoys practicing and studying Tibetan philosophy and meditation with Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman. Marissa offers both private and group classes in yoga and meditation as well as frequently hosts integrated workshops. When not teaching yoga she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog at the beach or in the woods.