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The Journey of Transformation

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Life happens. Change happens. Some changes are ones that we set in motion to achieve a goal, while at others are unplanned, unexpected, or even unwelcome. Chances are you will experience all these types of changes if you have not already. I know I have. In both my personal and professional lives, I have reinvented, redefined and rediscovered myself. I've experienced the end of my marriage and made the brave choice of choosing a new direction in my career. The journey has been one of coming back to myself and living as my authentic self in the way that feels right for me. The changes in my life were not easy and certainly not beautiful or glamorous, but they were real.

I am honored to work with others who may be struggling with change or are looking for the next step. The mission of Cornerstone Creative Wellness is to offer you the space and security to explore your inner you, whether through yoga, in connection with others in a workshop, or relaxing and healing with Reiki. My wish for you is to find a bit of peace, calm and stillness wherever you are in your journey so you can explore, discover and heal. I am here to support you as you bravely come home to yourself.

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Healing.



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